In June
At Aramon

The Friends of Château d’Aramon association organise the Aramon Plants Festival every year in spring, hosted by Bernard the gardener and with 50 exhibitors. Visitors can stroll around the market, meet the producers, taste the local products and attend conferences.

Organised by the Friends of the Château d’Aramon association in the classified Mediterranean grounds and gardens of the Château d’Aramon, that were made available for the event by the Marquis and Marquess of Aramon.

The event is hosted by Bernard Pical, known as ‘Bernard the Gardener’, and around fifty exhibitors come to participate, most of them committed to a responsible way of working, and around 2,000 amateur gardeners come to the event looking for the plant or garden decoration of their dreams.

Visitors can shop with producers, savor local products, participate in workshops, visits, conferences… And there are also many activities for the youngest ! : Ponies, wooden games, playful creations…

See you in 2023 !