From 29 April to 5 October 2022

Come and see this one-of-a-kind exhibition in Uzès: Chosen Artworks from the 19th and 20th centuries, from Picasso to César, Renoir to Monticelli. Thanks to more than thirty original artworks, find out all about the art that influenced art history between 1850 and 1950.

Added bonus? Original, never-before-seen artworks

This first large-scale exhibition displays some work from the painters of the Fauvism movement, inspired by light, the sun and the colours of the south.

From Picasso to César, from Renoir to Bonnard and Dufy, the masterpieces on display interact with one another. Some of them have never been exhibited before.Marc Stammegna, commissaire de l’exposition (expert agréé de l’œuvre d’Adolphe Monticelli auprès de Sotheby’s,Christie’s, Artcurial), offre au grand public une rencontre inédite autour des peintres modernes qui ont révolutionné l’histoire de l’art. Ils séjourneront dans le Sud et témoigneront de cet enchaînement d’influences. Successivement et ensemble, ils ont ouvert la porte aux mouvements les plus extrémistes.

Their common ground: colour and the south

They all shared a passion for colour and the south. This period was a significant one for art history, as colour played a key role. These exclusively French artistic movements launched a new, modern movement between 1850 and 1950, known as Fauvism. The term was invented by art critic, Louis Vauxcelles, after his visit to the Salon d’Automne at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1905 where he judged the artwork of the ‘Fauves’. This movement originated with painter Henri Matisse, who wrote in his book Ecrits et Propos sur l’Art that “Colour, even more than drawing, is a means of liberation”.

In the exceptional venue of the former bishopric of Uzès, which houses the Musée Georges Borias, labelled a ‘Musée de France’, this exhibition was brought together thanks to the mayor and the curator of the major exhibition in Uzès.

Good to know!

Explanatory podcasts are available in each exhibition room.

Practical information

From 29 April, from Tuesday to Sunday
From 10am to 7pm
1, Place de l’Ancien Evêché in Uzès
Doors close 1 hour before closing time.

An event brought to you by the Town of Uzès, the Musée Georges Borias and the Office Municipal de la Culture in Uzès.