April 2024
At Site of the Pont du Gard

Pâques au Pont, the Street art festival in the countryside.
A week-end, in a pastoral, festive and gourmet ambiance!

The famous Easter event at the Pont du Gard takes place every years in April to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Spring, in a pastoral, festive and gourmet ambiance!


Like every year, the Pont du Gard site and its “Mémoires de Garrigue” area are transformed into a vast playground for the weekend with events, shows, music…

The tastes and flavours of the garrigue will once again take pride of place with the famous farmers’ market and the local produce picnic, to be shared with family or friends.
Music and artists in parade mode: visitors will bump into them at the market, during the picnic and also when they’re least expecting them!

Children and families will have fun at the Easter Monday egg hunt and enjoy some amusing encounters along the garrigue pathways.

 Various discoveries and a whole range of surprises await children and adults over these two convivial and festive days, in an exceptional setting.


The new vintage of the “Pâques au Pont” (Easter on the bridge) festival will celebrate a special birthday: 20 years of the Mémoires de Garrigue itinerary.

 Designed by Véronique Mure, this outdoor itinerary allows visitors to discover the landscapes near the Pont du Gard. An exceptional rural setting where the event takes place every year, based on a programme bringing together street acts, a Mediterranean market and a giant picnic.

Festive, participatory and gourmet, Pâques au Pont provides shows on themes closely related to this natural area and aimed at young people. An opening parade will kick off the festivities on Sunday morning for this special edition.