From 15 December to 15 March
At Uzès

The black Truffle from the Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard is a much sought-after treasure of French gastronomy! It is celebrated every year at the Fête de la Truffe: from mid-December to mid-March, Uzès becomes the truffle capital. During this period, especially in January, the town organises a wide range of events around the theme of this black diamond.

A programme of events based on the truffle

During the truffle season, the town of Uzès is brought to life with special tours and truffle tasting sessions. The Comité de Promotion Agricole organises a wide range of events during the Week-end de la Truffe:

  • The Soirée Vigneronne, where the Duché d’Uzès winegrowers come to present their wines;
  • The Soirée Bodega, an enjoyable opportunity to taste truffle recipes with Duché d’Uzès wines;
  • The Nuit de la Truffe, a gala where Michelin-starred chefs from the Gard are invited to concoct a menu using local truffle-based recipes;
  • The Journée de la Truffe is on the Sunday and a market is entirely devoted to the truffle, with several workshops centred around this excellent product.

During this festive and very popular event, you can find and purchase fresh truffles directly from the producers. Take this opportunity to taste truffles and get some advice from the Duché d’Uzès winegrowers about which wines to pair with truffles. We also recommend attending the “cavage” demonstrations with dogs and pigs that take place every hour.

The Tourist Office organises guided tours for those who would like to find out about the history of the truffle, and hear some anecdotes about how they are collected.

On the Journée de la Truffe, even the church service is devoted to this black diamond! The truffles are blessed and then there’s an auction: the money raised is collected by the church and then used for various local causes or renovation work.