In June
At Uzès

For the past 27 years, fans of contemporary dance have been coming to the Uzès Danse festival, held over several days every year in June. Read on to find out all about this unmissable event in Uzès!

Let yourself be carried away by Uzès Danse

This isn’t your usual dance festival! Uzès Danse is a festival that offers spectators new forms of contemporary dance, with daring and experimental creations, in the heritage sites of the Ducal town.

This festival is organised by the Maison CDCN (National Choreographic Development Centre), a sort of research laboratory for contemporary dance. The festival proposes artistic creations that choreographers have been working on all year long.

If you are a fan of dancing, you’re sure to enjoy the original and innovative dancing at the Uzès Dance festival!

The 2022 edition

Here is the list of artists: Tânia CARVALHO, Boris CHARMATZ, Sorour DARABI, Clémence GALLIARD, Christophe HALEB, Ghida HACHICHO, Danya HAMMOUD, Sylvain HUC, Marta IZQUIERDO MUNOZ, Léa LECLERC, Anna MASSONI, Alain MICHARD, Laurent PICHAUD, Fabrice RAMALINGOM, David WAMPACH, Khouloud YASSINE (programme subject to modifications).

Get ready for a flamboyant festival !