June 2024
At in Uzès

Every June, dance sweeps across the historic town of Uzès: 5 days of fascinating insight into contemporary choreographic creation!


In June, come and discover new experienced or up-and-coming choreographers of the French and European contemporary dance scene right in the centre of the historic ducal town. The Uzès Danse festival has more than 20 family events in store, including artistic experiences, walks and workshops and a show in extraordinary settings: the Jardin de l’Évêché and Jardin du Temple gardens, old wash-house, Place aux Herbes, Promenade des Marronniers, Parc du Duché and L’Ombrière Pays d’Uzès.

This festival is brought to you by La Maison Danse Uzès: a fully-fledged research laboratory for contemporary dance. The festival features artistic creations that have been composed all year round by choreographers. Its strong European outlook shines the spotlight on choreographers who are yet to make a name for themselves in France.

If you’re a fan of dance, you’re going to love the thrillingly original and innovative dances of Uzès Danse Festival!

See you in 2024 for a new edition !

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