Everyone knows, in the South of France you’re guaranteed to have warm weather. If you’re looking for somewhere to cool off, look no further: head for Eure Valley.

At the foot of Uzès, this shaded and fresh valley is popular with the locals and visitors alike. This place is teeming with life and it is right here in this valley that you’ll find the source that supplied water to the “Uzès – Nîmes” aqueduct via the Pont du Gard.

You’ll enter a rural setting, shaded by the enormous plane and poplar trees. It is a striking contrast to the scrubland. This place is ideal for a leisurely stroll around the vast lake, ruins, and flour mill.

You’ll enjoy exploring this area for an hour or two. The rural landscapes, built heritage, facilities for families and landscaped areas make it the perfect place to shelter from the summer heat.