Are you looking for an original place to explore? Look no further!

Head for the Concluses de Lussan: the ideal place for a family walk. This geological curiosity is just a few kilometres north of the village of Lussan, and you can expect to be transported into a beautiful and one-of-a-kind wild natural environment.

From the car park, you’ll go down around thirty metres opposite the cliffs to reach the entrance to the gorges which leads into a bottleneck. This passage is like a tunnel because the sides of the cliffs seemingly close in over your heads. Way down below, you’ll reach a peaceful place and the river.

You will then find yourselves in a series of deep gorges, six kilometres long, running alongside the Aiguillon. This tributary of the Cèze has shaped the limestone rock throughout the centuries.
The result is rather original: water holes, potholes, a succession of gateways and other viewpoints, surrounded by staggering cliffs. You’ll be exploring this area along a fun and natural fitness trail. It is the perfect place for a great walk and superb exploration!