The Fosses de Fournès is a superb, wild environment with magical, lunar landscapes dotted with peaks that have been shaped by erosion.

Here, you are guaranteed an original exploration and a change of scenery, in a dreamlike setting with fantastic views. The arid landscape that has been shaped in places with pits and troughs feels very surreal. There are peaks here that can reach heights of between ten and thirty metres, and the highest is known as La Mourre de Pitaraçon. The slopes are engraved with grooves. This strange geological curiosity resembles the landscape of the Moon.

Look around you! Various species of trees and plants are flourishing all around you: oak trees, lavender and rosemary. These plants shelter a wide variety of animal species: European bee-eaters build their nests into the soft rock. The village of Fournès nearby used the clay here to develop a terracotta industry that is still thriving today.