The Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard destination has always had a special relationship with water. In Ancient Times, the Romans had already understood its importance and used the water from the source in Eure Valley. Today, the department owes its name to the river Gardon, and this river is a favourite spot for the locals of the Gard. The Rhône also flows by our destination and can be explored thanks to river tourism. Come and explore our destination, with water, water, everywhere…

The waters of Eure Valley, used by the Romans

Eure Valley is a refreshing, one-of-a-kind place, that the locals of Uzès believe is a “blessing from God”, mainly due to the dense vegetation there. It is right here in this valley, shaded by the plane and poplar trees, that the source known as the Eure is found. In Ancient Times, the Romans used this water to supply the fountains and baths of the town of Nîmes. The waters from Eure Valley were carried along an aqueduct, a part of which was the famous Pont du Gard. The ruins of the aqueduct can still be seen today in the valley, as well as the regulation basin.

On your exploration of Eure Valley, you’ll be walking alongside the Alzon, this is where the excess waters from the main source that supplied the aqueduct would flow. This watercourse was used in the 17th century by four watermills. Only the ruins of these mills remain today.

There is a walking tour in Eure Valley in Uzès to learn about the importance of water here. Take advantage of this walk to stop off on the banks of the Alzon for a picnic or to go fishing. You’ll particularly enjoy this place on a hot summer’s day!

The Gardon and gorges, not-to-be-missed

This is an absolute must-see while you’re on holiday in the Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard destination! The Gardon (or Gard) river is a symbol of our territory and our department owes its name to it.

The Gardon is a wild and unpredictable river, supplied by several tributaries originating in the Cévennes mountains. The river crosses through the whole department of the Gard before flowing into the Rhône. It is particularly well-known for its impressive gorges, shaped over several millions of years, and offering some breath-taking views today.

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The Gorges du Gardon national reserve boasts an exceptional, preserved ecosystem. Come and see it with your own eyes along our hiking trails, on a canoe or kayak on the waters of the Gardon, or simply while enjoying a relaxing day swimming near the water’s edge.

The Rhône and river tourism

The Rhône is on the border of the department and has also contributed to shaping the landscapes on this side of our destination. This part of our territory is covered in vineyards for the wines from the PDO Côtes du Rhône and PDO Côtes du Rhône Villages: Signargues. The towns and villages built along the banks of the Rhône were able to develop and prosper thanks to the flourishing port activity provided by the river.

Today, this part of our destination can be explored along the river, at your own pace, stopping off as you please along the way. In Aramon there is a river tourism port that welcomes recreational boaters and hotel barges. Boats can dock here and visitors can explore the sights of our destination.

Fishing & swimming spots

As you may have guessed, there is a wide range of swimming spots throughout our destination, some of them natural and some man-made. Find out more about these designated areas, in Collias, Remoulins or at the Pont du Gard for example.

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Fancy going fishing?

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Your fishing permit

Fans of fishing won’t be disapponted! Come to one of the many fishing spots in the area. Please note that it is also possible to go fishing in the Rhône.