The olive is one of the symbols of the French department of the Gard. The Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard destination is proud of this little fruit that is highly popular with people of all ages.

The olive, a welcome addition to the table

You won’t be able to miss it… Whether it is whole, pitted or not, in oil, tapenade, cooked or raw as a side dish to a delicious recipe or in a salad, the olive is always a welcome addition to our tables. And you, how do you like yours?

At a tasting session, with cocktails, for lunch or for dinner, any occasion is a good one for olives. We love them!

The picholine olive everywhere you look

The “picholine” is our star product. You’ll easily be able to recognise it: dark green colour, the perfect crunch and unique taste. You’ll encounter this little olive on many occasions while you’re staying here, on the tables at the local bistros, or at the fine-dining establishments.

The slightly spicy and fruity oil should be appreciated just like a good wine, and it is the ideal healthy ingredient in all Mediterranean dishes! The top quality is protected by the PDO Olives and olive oil of Nîmes. It even has its very own celebration in the spring, with conferences, markets and a variety of free entertainment.

The olive, marking our landscapes

You’ll see that the olive is not only present in our local cuisine. It can be seen all over our territory and our landscapes. All around you, the leaves of olive trees bring silvery and green shades to our natural environment. If you come here during the Indian summer, you’ll most likely see the olive harvests which take place in September-October, before they ripen too much and turn black.

Not many trees are as symbolic as the olive tree. Its fruit is so small and yet so very popular!

Meeting our local producers

What better a way to find out about our producers’ authentic expertise than going to meet them directly? Come to the oil factories and mills across our destination to unveil all the secrets of the manufacturing process and taste the delicious oils, tapenade and other products made using olives.