“Tuber Melanosporum”! No, it’s not a strange magic spell. This is the Latin name for one of the treasures of French (and worldwide) gastronomy, the black Truffle from Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard.

A truffle region

The black Truffle from Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard is a treasure of French gastronomy. The black winter truffle is renowned across France and is a key part of the cultural heritage of the Gard.

While exploring the natural environment here, look carefully for the telltale signs. The “brulé” is a round marking on the ground around the trees where grass hasn’t grown, and often indicates that the famous funghi is growing here. But beware, if you are looking for this precious treasure, make sure you’re not on private land.

In the winter, you might be lucky enough to attend some “cavage” demonstrations. This is the procedure of collecting truffles using truffle-sniffing dogs (or pigs depending on the region). You could even be there at the same time as the unmissable local event: the Week-end de la Truffe.

Truffle season

If you come here between November and March, you’ll see our little region come to life to celebrate this rather special and very well-known production: the black winter truffle.

Every year, at this time, Uzès is transformed into the truffle capital. A great number of events are organised: “cavage” demonstrations, direct sale of truffles from the producers, Week-end de la Truffe, Nuit de la Truffe, etc.

To taste at our restaurants

The Tuber Melanosporum can be enjoyed all year round. Soft, crunchy, subtle, with an intense black colour, it is the creme-de-la-creme of truffles.

Fanny Jorda-Iniguez

The black winter truffle is an exceptional product that is highly sought-after by the greatest chefs! You’ll find this product on the menus of some of the best fine-dining establishments, as well as at the local bistros and bodegas, with bread for an early evening snack.