The Gardon is the perfect place for watersports. Canoeing is one of the most popular activities in our destination. So get your life jackets on and grab your paddles: let’s set off down the emerald waters of the Gardon! On your trip, you might even pass under the Pont du Gard…  

Canoeing on the Gardon

In your canoe, just enjoy the views around you and live for the moment. Your canoe is discreet enough not to disturb the wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled! You’re about to explore the Gard in a very original way.

Between the limestone cliffs and scrubland, you’ll enjoy this relaxing experience on the water. You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the wildlife around you: under your canoe there are more than twenty different species of fish, and eagles and vultures swirl in the skies above your head. A unique experience!

Canoeing under the Pont du Gard 

There are several canoeing trips departing from Collias, Russan or Pont Saint-Nicolas de Campagnac that will take you under the arches of the Pont du Gard. Look up! The famous Roman aqueduct-bridge is even more impressive from underneath. An unforgettable and moving experience, for the whole family. So what could be better than discovering this Roman treasure on a peaceful canoeing trip down the river? 

Canoeing with the children is possible!

In a canoe, the river is calm so you won’t get any big surprises. This makes it an activity that is accessible to all, even children from the age of 5 or 6, as long as they can swim. The perfect opportunity for some quality time and exercise as a family, while discovering the superb views from the Gardon!

Put your trust in the professionals who will guide you and give you their expert advice, to make sure you are never in danger and that you respect the environment.