From the 17th June to the 17th September 2023
At at the Pont du Gard

It’s the highlight of the summer!
This summer season, the Pays d’Uzès region’s most iconic monument, the Pont du Gard, will be lit up at night. A wonderful spectacle for both adults and children.

From the 17th June to the 17th September 2023, come and enjoy an unforgettable evening under the stars and discover the Pont du Gard as you’ve never seen it before.

“LES MERVEILLES DU VIVANT” (The wonders of life)

The new Sound & Light show with drones, from June 17th to September 17th, staged Thursday to Sunday.

This summer, the Pont du Gard Site will play host to some strange visitors, artificial intelligence, represented by drones, who encourage us to look afresh at the monument, helping us rediscover some of the many wonders that inhabit the Gorges du Gardon.

During the show, which takes the form of a 3D narrative, the Pont du Gard will be visited by 50 illuminated drones who will interact with local flora and fauna.

The entire Pont Du Gard site, including the sky and the monument, will be lit up by drones and videos, which together with the accompanying sound track, will relate a skilful narrative about the valley’s biodiversity (flora, fauna and the site’s natural elements).

Show designed by Groupe F, Christophe
Berthonneau and Caillou MV.

June 17 to July 2 and August 28 to September 17: Friday to Sunday at 10.30pm
Please note: From June 22 to 26, the drone show starts at 11pm!
July 3 to August 27: Thursday to Sunday at 10.30pm
Can be viewed from Beach area on Right Bank
Duration: 15 to 20 minutes
Parking: €9 per vehicle
Please note: after 10 pm, for reasons on safety, you will no longer be able to cross the bridge.


Sound & light show, from July 1st to August 30th, staged Monday to Wednesday.

This sound & light show encourages visitors to reflect on their daily movement on our multimillion-year-old planet earth. The aim of the show is to reveal the fragility and beauty of our unique planet and celebrate the treasures it contains.

The Pont du Gard, seen from the sky, resembles a piece of lace, cloaked in living materials, as it revolves around the sun. The show, which takes the form of an eco-fable, is a visual poem in which celestial travellers discover the entire living world, including insects, plants, bioluminescent creatures from the deep sea, minerals and crystals which are projected onto the bridge’s arches in choreographed sequences.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10.30 pm; can be viewed from Beach area on Right Bank
Duration: 20 to 30 minutes
Parking: €9 per vehicle