The Gorges du Gardon is a truly unique place.
It is a classified “biosphere reserve” by Unesco, and the quality of this site is matched only by its fragile nature. It is recognised both for its immaculate environment, and its potential for outdoor activities.

A fragile natural environment that must be preserved

As we venture into the canyon, we are struck by the sheer beauty of this picture-perfect site. The emerald green waters of the Gardon wind their way around this majestic environment. But bear in mind that you are at a protected site that must be respected! This regional nature reserve is a classified “Biosphere Reserve” by Unesco.


While you’re here, you might notice that in the midst of this diverse natural environment, you are being watched… All around you, some feathered friends are keeping a close eye on their territory. So while you’re out walking, look up and you might just catch a glimpse of a pair of Bonelli’s eagles or Egyptian vultures. At dusk, you will most likely be lucky enough to see the dance of one of the ten species of bat here. And while swimming, an otter could be splashing about next to you. There’s so much wildlife to discover!

A perfect site for outdoor sports

When faced with such beauty, you’ll feel the strong desire to enjoy it, and glide down the crystal-clear waters of the Gardon in a canoe, dive into the waters and go for a swim, explore the heights on a hiking expedition or climb up the cliffs. In any case, don’t hold back, the Gorges du Gardon is the ideal place for outdoor sports while respecting the environment. From caving to horse-riding, there’s something for everyone.

If you prefer walking or climbing, there are countless trails to choose from. One of the most well-known places is La Baume. And for a good reason: this was where the French film “Salaire de la Peur” (The Wages of Fear) was filmed, directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot in 1953 and starring Yves Montand and Charles Vanel. The trail leads to the Chapel of Saint-Vérédème and the cave bearing the same name. All the effort to get there will be worth it when you see the breath-taking view of the gorges.

Swimming in the waters of the Gardon

You’ll find it difficult to resist going in for a dip, so just go for it! You are guaranteed hours of relaxation and fun in the cool and crystal-clear waters.

If you are counting on lazing by the river, having a family picnic or going for a dip in the Gardon, we recommend going to Collias. Here, you’ll be right at the heart of the gorges, you can easily access this site on foot, and there are many hiking trails leaving from Collias. You are also sure to catch a glimpse of some local wildlife. Please note that this site can be very crowded in the summer.

Find out more about the Gorges du Gardon

Would you like to know everything there is to know about the Gorges du Gardon? Don’t hesitate to visit the Maison des Gorges du Gardon! At this cultural centre, you can learn all about this natural environment: the fauna, flora, river, caves, scrubland, etc.

At the Maison du Castor, you can learn about the otter and its natural habitat: the river Gardon. This centre will be opening very soon!

Come and meet the eco-players who are professionals working at the Gorges du Gardon Biosphere Reserve. They are aware of the exceptional wealth of this land made up of scrubland, cliffs and crops, and they are committed to achieving continuous improvement, to preserving the natural habitat and quality of life. These ambassadors for nature will be delighted to share their knowledge of the area and its treasures with you.

Guided tours are also organised all year round.