November 2024
At Nîmes-Pont du Gard-Uzès

Hail Caesar, the runners salute you! Veni Vici is much more than just a sporting event, it is a race that takes participants on an exploration of a major tourist route in France, that the locals of the Gard are fiercely proud of : Nîmes – Pont du Gard – Uzès!

A Roman race

2000 years of history under your feet!

From Roman Nîmes to Uzès, via the Pont du Gard, take a trip down memory lane on November .

You’ll have the chance to explore one of the most remarkable structures in the world, inherited from the builders of antiquity: the Nîmes aqueduct, built 2,000 years ago. Unique and magical.

Ave Caesar, the athletes salute you!

Much more than sport, the Veni Vici will make you (re)discover a major tourist axis in France, pride of all the Gard inhabitants: Nîmes – Le Pont du Gard – Uzès.
Its number one component, a masterpiece of ancient architecture: the Pont du Gard, will be the focal point of the event.

Take a trip down memory lane

Strongly charged with history but also a sporting challenge, the Veni Vici offers 5 distances:
72 km run – 44 km run – 27 km run – 27 km timed Nordic walking – 13 km run – 13 km rando
through 3 sporting experiences: running, timed Nordic walking and hiking.

Departing from Nîmes “la belle romaine” or the Pont du Gard (depending on the format chosen), you’ll travel back in time through fragrant garrigue, charming Gard villages and marvel at the genius of the Romans, culminating in the remarkable medieval city of Uzès, 1st Duchy of France and starting point of the Roman aqueduct of Nîmes.