They’re talking about us! Read some of the press reviews of the Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard destination.

The destination In the press

MiDi (La Dépêche group supplement) | July2023

In the 30th July issue of Midi magazine, a supplement to the La Dépêche group, Conny Schaller takes a tour of the south of France to discover unusual walks in the cool of the night. One of the highlights is a visit to the Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard, in Uzès, on a surprising olfactory journey.

MagSud| July2023

In the new edition of MagSud magazine, Bernard Fulcrand shares with us a superb portrait of the town of Uzès: a town of art and history. From the town’s history with its 1st Duchy of France to the Duché d’Uzès PDO, not forgetting its temporary exhibition “César et Chabaud, deux artistes en liberté”, this report takes you on a voyage of discovery of this medieval town.

Cycltourisme | April 2023

Following a press reception held in September 2022, the journalist Georges Golse travelled through the cycling loops of the Gard, discovering 3 itineraries in Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard: from Uzès to Beaucaire, the Uzège Pont du Gard loop, and the vineyard loop by bike. You can find out more about this tour in the April edition of Cyclotourisme magazine.

Art & Décoration | April 2023

Audrey Sommazi of the magazine “Art & Décoration”, presents the treasures of Uzès in the “Cahier spécial Méditerranée” of April 6th. In this article, we present the treasures of this City of Art and History as well as 4 prominent addresses not to be missed. Occitanie | March 2023

Arnaud Boucomont of the daily newspaper “Midi Libre”, presents the beauty of the Gardon gorges through his page dedicated to tourism “Un week-end évasion”. In this article, “Un grand bol de biodiversité labellisée Unesco dans les gorges du Gardon”, the journalist takes the readers on a discovery of this biosphere reserve located between Dions and the Pont du Gard. Occitanie | March 2023

The journalist Raphael Motte, Occitanie, shares three great ideas for guided walks in the Gard around the Duchy of Uzès, on the occasion of the new edition of “Avril en Balade”.

Ô la belle vie – France 3 Occitanie | March 2023

Sophie Jovillard and her team came to explore the city of Uzès and discover its heritage with the Cathedral of Saint-Théodorit and its unique organ, and its flavours with Les Truffières d’Uzès and the chef Thomas Clament. Occitanie | March 2023

The journalist Raphael Motte, Occitanie, presents three charming villages around the Pont du Gard, which are worth a look.. Occitanie | February 2023

The journalist Raphael Motte, Occitanie, makes us discover “the most beautiful places in the Gard to enjoy the winter holidays” and starts with the emblematic Pont du Gard, located in our beautiful Gardon gorges.

Midi Libre| January 2023

Arnaud Boucomont of the daily newspaper “Midi Libre” reveals the history of the village of Lussan, through his page dedicated to tourism “Un week-end évasion”. In this article, “On its rocky spur, the village of Lussan has quite a cachet”, the journalist takes readers on a tour of the main points of interest in the village.

Télématin | January 2023

The journalist Mélanie Griffon took a step back in time during her visit to Uzès. She takes us to discover the towers of Uzès in her column on Télématin.

Vie Magazine | January 2023

After travelling through the south of France, journalist Anthea Gerrie presents her new article “So much to discover, the other south of France” in the American magazine Vie Magazine. In it, she describes her visits from Montpellier to Juan-les-Pins, including of course the Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard, which charmed her with its rustic decor and architecture.

Ushuaïa TV – Bougez Vert | December 2022

The journalist Gérald Ariano and his team of “Bougez Vert” went to discover the Gorges du Gardon. By taking part in this programme, the Syndicat Mixte des Gorges du Gardon was able to present this biosphere reserve through the work carried out by all the local stakeholders, emblematic places, meetings and anecdotes.

Midi Libre | November 2022

Arnaud Boucomont of the daily newspaper “Midi Libre” reveals the history of the city of Uzès through his page dedicated to tourism “Un week-end évasion”. In this article “Diving into history with the second life of medieval Uzès, since the 1970s”, the journalist takes readers on a tour of the town’s main points of interest. | November 2022

Journalist Asjha van den Akker has published an article in the largest travel and lifestyle webmagazine in the Netherlands,, about ‘Uzes, an elegant town in the south of France’. The article is only available in Dutch and German.

Allo Voyages | November 2022

After conducting a survey on the most beautiful cities in Occitania, Elise Chevillard of the website Allo Voyages has published an article on the 15 most beautiful cities in Occitania, including Uzès.

CycloTourisme | October 2022

After receiving the journalist Georges Golse for two days at the Destination, he shares in the October 2022 edition of the magazine CycloToursisme 3 cycling itineraries of the territory: the green way of the Pont du Gard from Uzès to Beaucaire, the Boucle de la vigne à vélo and the Boucle cyclo découverte de l’Uzège – Pont du Gard.

ICI Magazine | September 2022

This new magazine, conceived and developed in a third place in the Gard countryside, the Tiers Lieu 21, aims to provide information and inspiration to undertake and innovate in the countryside. Cultivate the desire to participate in the revitalization of more isolated territories.

Through this magazine, business tourism in the Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard is highlighted. Create the seminar that suits you in one of our 2 conference centres.

Sophia Magazine |September, October and November 2022

This bilingual magazine with a dense editorial content informs on all the economic, cultural and gastronomic news of the Alpes Maritimes from Sophia to Monaco.

Through an 8-page dossier entitled “Atours de France”, the Destination is honoured in a sunny and poetic column.

Arts & Gastronomie Rhône Alpes n°20 | Summer 2022

This article from the magazine Arts & Gastronomie Rhône Alpes, paints a portrait of the destination and its “gentle way of life” through all its assets and more particularly thanks to its large-scale heritage and its gourmet terroir.

Camping Car Magazine | July 2022

In this article, the editorial staff of Camping Car Magazine goes on a bike ride to the Pont du Gard.

TF1 1pm news bulletin | Tuesday 22 February 2022

The Place aux Herbes was featured on TF1’s TV news in its series of reports on the most beautiful squares in France. It was an opportunity to (re)discover the weekly market with its multitude of small gastronomic treasures, as well as the craftsmen and shopkeepers who work there every day with a smile on their faces.

Camping Car Magazine | February 2022

Journalist Julie Barbiera takes us on a trip to the heart of the medieval city of Uzès, between the must-sees and the best addresses!

Balades | January – February 2022

Find the hikes of the Collias hermitage and the Capelle-et-Masmolène pond in the first 2022 issue of Balades, the magazine dedicated to hiking in France!